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Jiancang Zhuang's homepage

I am a professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics


Department of Statistical Science, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
10-3 Midori-Cho, Tachikawa-Shi
Tokyo 190-8562, Japan
Tel: 81+42-527 9302

Present research/professional specialties

1. Point processes and stochastic geometry

2. Statistical modeling and analysis, especially for seismicity patterns and prediction

3. Computing assessment of scientific calculation

Curriculum vitae

Main publications

Sofware: Space-time ETAS model and stochastic declustering

Research Group: Stastistical Seismological Research Group


Contact information:

Dr Jiancang Zhuang

Institute of Statistical Mathematics

10-3 Midori-cho, Tachikawa

Tokyo 190-8562, Japan

Email: zhuangjc at ism.ac.jp

Telephone: 81+50-5533 8532

Fax: 81+42-526 4337